Hey there, I'm Cassie. 

BBQ eatin', coffee lovin', picture takin', Boston Terrier-momma living in Memphis, TN with my  fiancé, Michael, and our two pups Harvie and Gordon.
 I’m a sushi addict and the ultimate thrifter.
I say "ya'll" alot.
I love to travel and explore, if it's across the country or across town.
I just want to experience the world and what it has to offer. 
I’m either shy and quiet or I’m going to talk your ear off; there’s no in between.
 I’m a major dog person and I want to take your pictures.

 It doesn’t matter if I'm in my own backyard or six-states away from home documenting a destination wedding, being behind my camera feels more at home than anywhere else on Earth. And since I feel most comfortable behind my camera, I make it my goal to make you feel comfortable while you’re in front of it. 

I'm all about the real, raw emotions. I think those are the most important photographs that you can possibly take. The ones that you look back on remember the way the grass felt under your bare feet, the feeling of your child's arms around your neck, their laughter in your ears, the rush of excitement and anticipation on your wedding day. It's not about smiling for the camera, it's about smiling for the moment, and letting the camera in my hand catch that moment, and give you something you can keep forever. 




-Being bare foot in a creek somewhere
-puppy snuggles
-film photography
-getting SUPER silly with whoever is in front of my camera
-True Crime Documentaries and Podcasts
-long car rides
-old family photos from my childhood
-people watching at airports
-"Yeah" by Usher
-Wes Anderson films
-Wiseacre Brewing Co.
-mashed potatoes
-secondhand bookstores



Below you will find some personal stuff of mine. Work and my personal life constantly overlap, and photography is not just a career for me. It's the biggest part of my life. I wanted to share the photos that I take for me as well. 
So if you happen to be interested in travel, film, and my little adventures, feel free to take a peek!