A Summer Weekend in Asheville | 2018

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We love our little weekend getaways together. 
Our job takes us to so many places, but one that will always be special to us is Asheville. 
In September of 2017, at a photo conference we were at, Michael asked me to be his wife. And this past summer we were back in North Carolina to photograph Hannah and Michael's wedding. 

While we were there, we stayed at the most PERFECT Airbnb ever. It felt like a little treehouse tucked away in the hills of this woodsy city. 
Mornings spent sipping our coffee on the balcony, listening to the birds chatter back and forth. Every once and a while, a jogger or someone walking their dog would pass by and wave.


After their wedding, we stayed an extra day so we could fit a short hike in before making the drive back to Memphis. Hannah and Michael had their first date at Turtle Back Falls, and highly recommended it so we headed to check it out. 

We made our way down the trail path, passing (and petting) several dogs along the way. Just as I began literally MELTING, we walked straight out to a beautiful, shimmering, ice cold swimming hole. I was knee deep in this creek before I could empty my pockets and turn to Mike to say, "hold my camera." 

It was ice cold. 
Like, take-your-breath-away-kinda-cold. But when it's the middle of a southern summer, there's nothing on earth you crave more. 

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