Education: For Photographers

Whether you are running a full-time business, just wanting a better understanding of your camera, or somewhere in the middle, you're here for a reason:
You want to learn.
And there's always more to learn, always. We learn new things everyday. 
We truly LOVE connecting and sharing what we've learned over the years since pursuing our passion for photography, and now, pursuing our passion to teach others. 


It's truly frightening to not know if what you are doing is right, if it's working, or if there's a better way to do it. 

That's where we come in. 
We want to help you become more confident in yourself, your business, and the photos you take for your clients. We do this by taking time and talking with you one on one about what you feel you are struggling with, where you want to grow, and how to do so in a way that helps you find your personal voice.




Creating emotional imagery + a personal connection with your clients

These include a real photoshoot for us both to shoot at, directed by me, followed by a coffee
(or, preferably, a chips and queso) date!


During our shoot we will focus on:
-posing and directing your clients
-creating emotion in your imagery
-making your clients feel comfortable in front of your camera
-helping you embrace your locations and lighting


At our coffee date we can chat about:
-pricing structure
-finding (and booking) your ideal clientele
-converting leads to clients
-your struggles and strengths are and how to improve them!
Ready to invest in yourself? Let's do this!




Taking a clumsy brand into a full blown business. 

We've all been there. You're pushing out work, you've got a website, you've got a decent following on Instagram, but you still aren't getting bookings. Or, even worse: You're getting bookings but they aren't the clients that you desire. You're working your butt off to keep your head above the water but somehow, it still doesn't feel like you're getting where you want to be.
(newsflash, we have ALL been there. You aren't alone.)


I work to Build brands, effective marketing, and find new ways for you to engage with your audience. Through explaining marketing principles and tips on how to be better at SEO, I explore the ideas and concepts needed to build a better brand.I'll walk you step-by-step through your site's search engine optimization, marketing your brand through social media, your business practices, and in a one-on-one experience helps you pave the way for your personal brand. 


-How to design your site so that clients actually contact you
-SEO—how to get Google to find you
-Facebook—how to make Facebook ads that actually work
-Blogging—why is it important for SEO?
-Instagram—how to grow your following & get couples to find you
-Facebook—how to make Facebook ads that actually work




for photographers

Helpful articles written with the intent to help other photographers find their voice, style, and passion. 

Wanna know a little more about mentoring sessions? Or are you ready to hang out and pick my brain?

Let's do this thang.