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Ladies, if you are looking to give your other half a gift they will really love, it's time to book your boudoir session! Tastefully sexy, elegant and fun; boudoir sessions are the perfect gift because it's something they cherish for a lifetime: you! 
Boudoir photography is empowering. It enlightens you to your own confidence and beauty. It's easy to get caught up in a world that tells us you have to look a certain way, be shaped a certain way, view yourself in a certain way, but that isn't the case! You can appreciate your body and your beauty, and the first step in doing so is seeing the beautiful person that you are! 

Boudoir sessions are all about the details. A string of pearls, a bit of lace, an old button up... Get their mind racing and wandering with confident, fun photos that highlight your femininity and spark their imagination! Whether you tuck a way a print for them to find or a photo album on their side of the bed, its guarantee to fill your relationship with passion and romance! 


Boudoir Session: $550


-3 outfits

-20 high resolution images 

-images delivered via online gallery + print release

-8x8 leather bound album 


"Where will this take place?"

Currently we are in the process of redoing our studio space in our home that we normally use for boudoir sessions, so we offer to come to your home and do them, or you have the option of renting an airbnb to do them in. We have several airbnb's that we have worked in before and recommend if you are interested but unsure how to find one! However, the airbnb does cost extra and isn't factored into the price above. 


"How long does it take to get these photos back, and how far in advance should I book my session?"

My turn around time to deliver your images through your online gallery with download access is about 2-3 weeks! Album designs take about a week or two, and processing and shipping can take another 3 weeks. So I usually recommend booking several months in advance to make sure you get all your photos and your album back within plenty of time :) 


"Should I get a spray tan before my session?"

I tell my ladies I prefer for you to not. If you do, make sure it's been longer than a week so it has time to fade and look more natural. 

"Can you tell me more about the 8x8 album that is included in the package?"

Of course! We talk a little bit about albums on our website, but just shoot me a message asking for more photos/information and I would be more than happy to send some over to ya! 


If you have any questions, or are ready to book your session, you can reach me on my Contact Page or feel free to email me at

Cassie Cook