A Quick Guide to Holiday Photo Gifts


It's that time of year again! Black Friday? Crowded malls? Overrun department stores? 
What do I get my Mother-in-Law this year? Two week shipping? Ugh. 
Here is a quick, easy gift-guide for the photo fanatic and memory hoarder. 




1. Photoshoot Gift Voucher

During the holidays, we offers the option to purchase a Photoshoot Gift Voucher. This voucher allows you to pay for a session in advance and gift it to a friend or family member!

click here to learn more about gifting a photoshoot to a loved one of yours


Or what about those photos you already have sitting on your computer?
Give them a tangible photo they can unwrap!

2. Albums, Prints + Products

thewarmtharoundyou-memphis-wedding-photographers (10 of 10).jpg


Of course, there are TONS of other ways to give people photo gifts, but these are my personal favorites.