5 Favorite Wedding Cakes of 2016 | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Weddings are a beautiful representation of the love between two individuals, and getting the chance to capture that and create some emotion-filled, timeless memories for people fills me with more joy and happiness than I can describe.
But if we're being honest, do you know what fills me with more joy than that?

As a wedding photographer, I see (and taste) LOTS of cake. Job perks, am I right? 
I'm unashamed to admit that after a 8-12 hour day, if someone offers me a slice of cake, I will not think twice about all but licking that plate clean. 

Here's a list of my personal favorite wedding cakes of 2016!
This list isn't compiled on taste alone; It's by creativity, uniqueness, taste, presentation, and texture. Consider me Food Networks next food critic. Boom. 


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Enough talk, show me the cakes.


 1. Wedding Cake Rebels

Jeremy and Jessica wanted to represent their team even on their wedding day, and what better way to do it than with their wedding cake and cookies! These Rebs made sure to not only have their pretty, glittery, girly wedding cake, but to also throw in some stuff for their groom too. All cakes and cookies beautifully created by Sweet Shenanigans!

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2. Sweet and Southern Strawberry & Blueberry Pies

I had the chance to work with Heaven's to Betsy's Bakery earlier this year for a wedding inspiration shoot that I designed, and MAN were the 'props' she contributed delicious. I'm all about an untraditional wedding 'cake' so that's why these make the list! 

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 4. Starwars Cookies

To celebrate their love......for Starwars, Miranda surprised Zack with a groom's table filled with Starwars cake and cookies! It may or may not be a coincidence that their wedding was also the week that Rouge One premiered. (Eeeeee!) 

They also had an elegant (and tasty) traditional wedding cake, but you gotta admit that these R2D2 cookies by Off the Square Catering stole the show.

The Gordon Wedding at One Memphis Street



3. TeaCupcakes

It just doesn't get any cuter than this. The Conner's weddings at The Woodruff Fontaine House was Alice in Wonderland/tea party inspired, and what a CUTE way to display their cupcakes by putting them in teacups?! These beautifully decorated cupcakes by Kipp Cakes added such a perfect touch to this wedding. 

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 5. Doctor Who Cake


The Schaefer's wedding at Memphis Made Brewing Co. was by far the quirkiest,
nerdiest wedding of the year and I LOVED it. 
There's nothing I love more than seeing weddings filled with personality and character. 
Their wedding cake was Dr. Who inspired and 105% totally them

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Aaaaaaand one more for good measure:

Bride & Groom Brunch

Okay, again, not technically a "wedding cake" but just as sweet. I couldn't not include the Finley's DELICIOUS and adorable brunch wedding at Bonne Terre.
A waffle bar, maple bacon donuts, and to top it off, COFFEE. Something about brunch makes me the happiest lady in the world. 



Tomorrow I'll be sharing my last "Best of 2016 Weddings" post, and it's by far my favorite yet!
The whole year I've been gathering up allllllll my favorite dance-moves in preparation for the top 10 Best Dance Moves of 2016!
So keep an eye out tomorrow to see if your moves made the cut! ;)