When a friend calls you up and asks if you want to tag along on the making of a VERY talented duo's music video, how do you say no? 

Well, you don't of course. 

It was the first time I met these lovely ladies that are Zuster, and I must admit that my jaw literally dropped when I heard their music. They are an electronic-pop vibe with a folky twist, making their music almost psychedelic. I really wanted to portray their unique and eccentric style and tie it into their photos.

Zuster will be premiering their music video and releasing their new single, "Do You Want Me" on March 18th. Available on iTunes & Spotify.

A little about Zuster...

"Sisters do a lot of things together. Sisters are the first friends a girl ever really knows, and through all of the bickering and teasing they go through, sisters tend to end up becoming best friends.

Andie and Maggie Owens, however, have always been each other’s favorite person. The two grew up in the south with a loving, close-knit family that included their three older sisters.

From early on, the girls’ parents had them involved in music. Their father was constantly encouraging them to try new instruments and grow their voices.  In third grade the girls were first enrolled in choir. They were both immediately obsessed with singing, and soon they started singing with their older sisters.

While touring with their sisters, Maggie and Andie gained a lot of experience in the music industry and fold music. Soon, however, they decided to take their skills and add their own flare to it. Their father hooked them up with Memphis’ Matt White, who began producing backing beats that allowed for the girls to play their own acoustic music and sing harmonies over different tracks that he’d created, thus giving them a new electro-acoustic sound.

“Neither of us have ever really been big spotlight people, you know? We’ve always shied away from that. We’re more about the harmonies that come from us being up there together,” says Maggie. Part of what makes Zuster more of an experience than an event is that they have a chemistry that can only come from knowing someone your entire life. The two bring a new life to both music and the stage with their psychedelic sound and ability to be completely in sync with one another on the stage.

In the fall of 2015, Zuster was signed to Blue TOM Records, and since they have been recording their first EP, which is going to be released in late April of 2016. Their first single will be out in early March."