The Warmth Around You

It’s about moments. The breathtaking ones, the earth shaking ones, the meaningful ones.


The Warmth Around You is the best way for us to describe the weight of emotion we hope to capture for the people that step in front of our cameras. We intend to reveal the truth of the moment.

It's a place for us to show the connection between you and your loved ones. It's about genuine emotion, love, and that feeling of warmth and comfort when you are with the people that mean the most to you. Capturing that and documenting that feeling is our passion. It’s all about the moment for us. Like the way she looks at him with that giant silly smile or how he holds her while they dance their first dance together.

We would really like to take one for you too.



You found your person. 
Your better or worse, thick or thin, love of your life. 
For dates nights ranging from sweatpants and Netflix to nights out dressed to the nines.
A lifetime of friendship, fighting over the covers, and knowing that you will always have someone on your team. 
Your personal love-story.

You've found the person to share your story with, now you need me to help you tell it. 


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Cassie Cook
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