Top 25 Memphis Wedding Venues


As Memphis wedding photographers, we’ve been lucky enough to work at SO many wedding venues, all with their own unique look and style. Over the last couple years, we’ve come up with a list of our favorites to share with engaged couples on the hunt for their perfect venue!

So here’s the list- indoor venues, outdoor venues, rustic venues, southern venues, downtown venues…you name it! We got it ;)
And we are ALWAYS updating this list so if you know of a really cool wedding venue in Memphis, let us know! And since we are familiar with most of these, if you have any questions or want to know our thoughts on a particular venue, contact us.




Inexpensive Wedding Venues

1. Shelby County Courthouse - Amanda and Michael
2. Memphis Botanic Garden
3. Cypress Hall


Memphis Made Brewing Co. | Robbie & Casey’s Wedding

memphis-botanic-gardens-wedding-thewarmtharoundyou (71 of 127).jpg

Memphis Botanic Garden | Raquel and Carter’s Wedding