Twin Lakes, Colorado | July, 2018

Last summer my friend Kaitlyn Stoddard and her husband, Sean, were traveling to be a part of her best-friends' wedding in Twin Lakes, Colorado. She asked me to tag along to help her photograph Lydia and Brooks’ wedding day, and to spend the week in a glorious part of the country
I just couldn’t get enough of.  

Twin Lakes is a quiet, beautiful little place tucked in the mountains just outside of Aspen, Colorado.
Even though it was July the mountain air was pleasantly cool and refreshing and by night fall it was just cool enough for a cozy sweater. It was perfect weather for hiking, and even more perfect for a wedding!

We spent the earlier part of the week acclimating to the high altitude (or at least I did. I was unaware that the higher elevation would make my one glass of wine feel like an entire bottle, whoops!) and hiking along a little part of the Continental Divide that runs in between Twin Lakes and Aspen. It was stunning, and Michael and I are SO excited to be back in Colorado in April!

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I couldn't dream of a better last day in Colorado. 
We started the afternoon hiking at Lost Man's Trail after grabbing lunch in Aspen.
Just as we rounded the corner of the trail and made it to the lake, tiny raindrops began to ripple through it. It was such a serene, peaceful moment as I sat down under a nearby tree to take in the view as the rest of the group walked on a little further. Just as the rain started to pick up, they looped back around so we could make our way back to the trail head. 

Once we got back to the Lodge we were staying at we watched the rain drip down the giant windows looking out onto the foggy mountain range and the lakes beneath it. We warmed ourselves by the fire, assuming our adventures of the week were coming to a close…
but mother nature had one more trick up her sleeve. 
Right as everyone had accepted the weather and settled in for the night, packing up to head home the next day, the rain cleared and made way for the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed. Every color imaginable filled the sky; a range of fluffy pinks and powder blues, stunning yellow and ripe golden beams from the sun bursting through the rain clouds and fog. 

Lydia and Brooks grabbed their canoe they had received as a wedding present and took it out to the lake for a handful of photos, because how could they NOT?! 

This last night left me utterly speechless. And it left such a lasting, unforgettable impression on me. I can't thank you enough Kaitlyn, Lydia, and Brooks for including me on such an important day of your lives and a beautiful week of adventuring with sweet friends! 


Contax G2 / Ektar 100 film

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