A Fun, Midtown Engagement Session at Rec Room | Alicia and Jake


For Alicia and Jake’s engagement photos, we really wanted to make photos that felt like them.
We decided to do the first half of their engagement pictures at their ADORABLE midtown home. Partly because it’s the cutest little house in Memphis, but also because their pups Mugi and Tomo were there and I can’t pass up an opportunity to meet dogs.


I love doing photoshoots in people’s houses. (Creepy much?)
No, but really.
A home is a special, cozy, comfy place where you spend most of your time and you feel the most like yourself. It like it breaks down all the barriers and awkwardness of having a camera in your face and truly gives us a space to create photos that feel relaxed and natural.

And that’s exactly how it was at Alicia and Jake’s session.
We swapped embarrassing stories, they showed me around their gaming room and Alicia’s little art loft, they snuggled together and got LOTS of kisses from the pups.


After alllllll the puppy snuggles my little heart could handle, we headed to Rec Room to grab a beer, play a few arcade games, and finish up their engagement photos. Alicia and Jake are both gamers, and they have a pretty sick game room at home, but we were feeling nostalgic and were in a very Mortal Kombat kinda mood.

Rec Room is one of my favorite little bars in Memphis; it’s right off of Broad Avenue and it’s packed full of arcade games, projector screens, and laid back, like-minded people that just wanna duke it out in Mario Kart.

memphis-wedding-photographer-thewarmtharoundyou-midtown-recroom-engagement-pictures (108 of 123).jpg
memphis-wedding-photographer-thewarmtharoundyou-midtown-recroom-engagement-pictures (107 of 123).jpg

I’m NOT EVEN KIDDING when I say that while we were at RecRoom, a random dad (dare I say, hero?) that was there for his kiddo’s birthday party walked up to us and offered us a couple of oatmeal creme pies, “ya know, for a photo.” Because why the hell not?

memphis-wedding-photographer-thewarmtharoundyou-midtown-recroom-engagement-pictures (123 of 123).jpg