A Snowy, Winter Wedding at The Steam Plant in Dayton, Ohio | Alec & Nora Heist

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When the sweetest bride in the entire world prays for snow, you better believe she gets it!
Nora and Alec had the most beautiful winter wedding at the Steam Plant in Dayton, Ohio.
While snow began to float down from the sky and perfectly coat the city, these two, along with their friends and family, celebrated and danced the night away within the warm brick walls of The Steam Plant.
The Steam Plant is a gorgeous industrial building with floor to ceiling windows, a spiraling staircase and the most beautiful bar you’ve ever seen.
(and not just because it was lined with Alec and Nora’s custom wedding cocktails.)
Its such a gorgeous and it fit Alec and Nora so perfectly.


Nora’s wedding band was her grandmother's ring that was given to her by her husband, Nora’s grandfather. He bought it for her at Tiffany's on one of their trips together to New York City. Alec and Nora had it re-engraved with two sets of initials.
(TPL - for Tom and Lee Proudfoot, her grandparents, and and AHN - for Alec and Nora Heist)

Nora also wore a sapphire ring (her something old and something blue) that was her great great grandmother’s engagement ring. I absolutely love when people’s little details have sentimental value.

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“Truly every moment throughout the day felt special. Getting ready in the bridal suite was the perfect way to start the day. After the Bachelorette weekend, all my bridesmaids were excited to spend more time together, proving I have the best girlfriends ever. When it finally came time to put on my wedding dress, I could feel the excitement bubbling over and was even more thankful to be sharing that moment with my mom, sister, Molly, and all the girls.”

“I was so relieved to finally see him! I had all this excited, nervous energy getting ready, so I was very ready to see him! When he turned around he of course looked so handsome (his blue eyes looked very good in that blue shirt), but mostly I just felt so much more relaxed to be with him.I so glad we chose to do a first look. I had so many jitters all day before we saw one another, but after seeing Alec I felt so much more calm. The nervous-excitement disappeared and become just total excitement. I think I was able to enjoy the walk down the aisle more having already had a little time alone with him.” -Nora

“I was more nervous throughout the day but I actually got a weird sense of calmness right before. It feels pretty surreal getting married and that was the first moment where though still surreal, it felt like it was all actually going to happen. I could tell she was very nervous so in some weird way it actually made me less nervous. Just seeing her was calming and obviously I was in awe of her. I think I was able to not be so flustered and appreciate what was happening since I had already seen her. The benefit of getting a lot of pictures done already was nice as well and being able to actually spend part of the day with Nora was a plus, of course.”
- Alec

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“My bridesmaid and childhood friend, Elisabeth, sang and led the ceremony music. When she sang "Love One Another" right before the ceremony officially started, it made me begin to cry as I was waiting with the rest of the bridesmaids at the back of the church. She is so incredibly talented, and it meant so much that she was willing to share her talent for our ceremony.”

“Kevin, my step dad, learned to play "Where You Lead" (the Theme to Gilmore Girls) for my mom and I as a special musical intro before we walked down the aisle together. My mom and I call ourselves the Gilmore Girls so there was no doubt that she would be the one to walk me down the aisle. Hearing Kevin play "Where You Lead" was such a perfect moment for my mom and me to take a minute together before she walked me down the aisle. It also meant so much to me that Kevin was a part of that moment too through the music, since my mom was the one walking me down the aisle.”

“Arriving at the church is when it hit me that we were actually going to get married! All the music at the ceremony was so perfect (hearing Elisabeth's beautiful singing voice, Kevin's special rendition of "Where You Lead," Conrad, Patrick, and Drew's awesome version of "Loving Wings"). Walking down the aisle with my mom I was overwhelmed with happiness looking at all our dear people in the pews, looking down the aisle at Alec and our wedding party, and being there in the moment with my mom. There were a few hiccups during the ceremony that were a blessing because they kept me smiling instead of crying (Alex and Laura are moving to Memphis! haha). Walking down the aisle after we were married and walking into the reception were two of my favorite moments of the day. I was just so excited!!!”

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“During the reception, we had several special songs played at different moments throughout the night. Alec and I were announced at the reception to "I Found You," by Alabama Shakes, who we saw together at Beale Street Music Festival the first night we spent together - the beginning of our relationship. “


Some day, when I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight

Yes, you're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft
There is nothing for me but to love you
And the way you look tonight



“Both of us agreed it was truly the best day of our lives. To be surrounded my so much love and joy is totally indescribable. For both of us, the best part of the day was seeing how the people who mean the world to us (our family and friends) were all having so much fun together. There was this overwhelming feeling of togetherness in the room.”


Venue: Steam Plant Dayton
Day of Coordinator: Kim Dellinger
Florals: The Flowerman
Cake & Desserts: elé Cake Co.
DJ: Mike Haverland and Andrew Aidt
Bridesmaids Hair: Comb Together
Catering: Elite Catering
Bridesmaids Gowns: Morilee (Bridal and Formal)
engagement ring and Alec's band: Mary's Diamond and Jewelry
Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank