Best Dance Moves of 2017 | Memphis Wedding Photographer


The moment I've been waiting for ALL. YEAR. LONG.
I decided there were WAY too many good dance moves during wedding receptions that weren't getting the attention they deserved. 
Who says the newlyweds get all the spotlight? 
So, while you all were innocently dancing your heart out, I was secretly scouting the dance floor.

Here's the Best Dance Moves of 2017 brought to you by Cassie Cook Photography and weddings with open bars. Enjoy. 


I'm not about that auto-play life, so choose ya tunes

The McGlaughlin Wedding

I'm not entirely sure what this dance move is, but I'm diggin' it.


The Gray Wedding

you KNOW it's a good party when the entire room is pitch black besides the dj lights.


The Sneed Wedding 


The Faulkner Wedding

The Smith Wedding

The Ray Wedding

any dance moves that involve a pup are going to be considered a best dance move, k?


Adam & Hilary's Wedding Reception


annnnnnd drumroll pleeeeaseeee:

The dance moves that totally take the cake for all of 2017 is none other than:

the Avella Wedding

Oh... did you think I was done?

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