Jaw-Dropping Wedding Dresses of 2017 | Memphis Wedding Photographer


I have honestly seen SO many beautiful dresses this year, that narrowing it down was nearly impossible. I love seeing each bride's personality show through in the dress that she picks to wear on her wedding day! 
I wanted to make this post to showcase a couple of my personal favorite wedding dresses this year. Feel free to Pin these on Pinterest if you are swooning as hard as I am over these! 

Amelia's Wedding Dress from Ballew Bridal

I LOVED Amelia's dress because it was just so elegant and classy, and it fit the scene perfectly at their wedding at the Woodruff Fontaine House.
The silky train, the deep neckline, and juuuust the right amount of bedazzle easily made her dress one of my favorites this year.
(people still say bedazzle....right?)

Macie's Wedding Dress from Low's Bridal

Macie actually originally had a different wedding dress, but when she stumbled across this one she fell in love! (and obviously, so did I!)
I love the open lace back and neckline, and the way the whole dress shimmers with glitter in the sun. 
This dress was honestly made for Macie and I just can't get enough of it.

Shelby's Wedding Dress from BHLDN

I instantly fell in love with Shelby's wedding dress from BHLDN. I love how it's simple, elegant, and delicate.
And to be honest, my favorite thing about this dress is how it looked easy to move and dance in it! It truly looked so comfortable, while still looking absolutely dreamy and beautiful. 

Jentri's Wedding Dress from Low's Bridal

The detail in the back of Jentri's dress was UNREAL. I love how it adds a slightly bohemian feel to it.
Every single person who looks at Jentri's wedding photos tells me how much they love her dress, and it's obvious why!

Moriah's Wedding Dress from Images Bridal

Moriah's dress was completely unique.
It was a Jovani champagne two piece pageant gown from her aunt's bridal and gown boutique in Alabama. I LOVED the iridescent rhinestones lining the waist, and the fact that it was two piece.
Personally, I would be finding every opportunity to wear the top half of this wedding dress, but that might just be me being extra.
Either way, I am madly in love with it!

McCarley's Wedding Dress from Barefoot Bride

McCarley found her elegant, lace wedding dress at the Barefoot Bride here in Memphis! This dress was beautiful and totally perfect for her and her wedding at Hedge Farm Events. 


Here's a few more wedding dresses I was completely OBSESSED with this year!



We obviously can't forget all the sharp dressed dudes from this year, can we? 
Let's hear it for the grooms!

Keep an eye out for next week's "Best Of" post!
Heads up: if you attended a wedding I photographed this past year and were hangin' around the dance floor, you may want to check this post out and see if you ended up on it ;)