A Candle-lit Wedding at Green Gates Farmhouse in Stinger, MS | Jennifer & Channing


Green Gates Farmhouse is an absolutely enchanting wedding venue just north of Hattiesburg, MS off of a small country road, tucked away behind a few giant oak trees and rolling pastures. It’s a hidden gem for sure, and it’s packed full of charm and character around every corner. Every inch of this property was lush, green, and bursting with blooms. Jenn and Channing knew the moment that they visited that it was the perfect place for their wedding.


Jenn made the sweetest, most thoughtful baskets for each of her bridesmaids (and her bridesman). Each basket had a scrapbook of their friendship, as well as personalized gifts that were special to each of her wedding party. It was so cool seeing a basket full of inside jokes and years of friendship, and I loved how personal it was.


“I can’t speak for Jennifer but my first thought when I saw her was, “crap, she looks amazing”. Then I just kept thinking about how crazy it is to have gotten here from where we started five years ago. I think seeing each other before the ceremony that day was special and that moment belongs to us.”

- Channing


”It was so intimate during our first look, I think. All of my anxiety about the day washed away the second he turned to face me. It gave us a moment to unload some emotions about the day, and we both felt so calm afterward. I just thought, “that’s gonna be my husband” and about an hour later, he was.”

- Jenn


It stormed all morning as everyone prepared for the wedding and decided to move the ceremony indoors.
I mean, when your “rain plan” looks this good, how can you not?

In fact, it was so intimate and romantic with the ceremony set up in front of the giant brick hearth in the center of the room. A cascading floral arbor crafted by their florist, Jill Windham, added a softness to the fireplace and made it even more dreamy than before. Twinkle lights draped the wooden beams and candles lined the long, wooden tables where their family and friends sat together, as they became husband and wife.
It’s funny when things don’t go as planned, and then it becomes even more beautiful than your originally imagined. It was absolutely perfect, and looking back I can’t imagine their ceremony any other way.


“There was a brief moment, directly after the ceremony, where we met up with our wedding party in the back hallway. Tears and smiles enveloped us all as we hugged and high-fived. I have never felt more love and emotion from one room or one group of people than I did in that moment.”

- Jenn


“Our dogs do not handle crowds very well, but we knew we had to include them somehow. They’ve been our family for going on five years. We went through a lot of ideas but landed on a cake topper decoration and cookie favors in the shape and color of them. Of course, it wasn’t as special as them being there, but it was special enough for us.”



Wedding Venue: Green Gates Farmhouse
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
Florist: Jill Windham
Cakes & Desserts: Melinda Ward