A Colorful, Unique Engagement Session on Broad Ave in Memphis, TN | Haley & Shane

You know on cartoons where someone takes a drink of water and someone else says something shocking and then they just spit water everywhere? (Michael just informed me this is called a 'spit-take'. Had NO idea there was a word for this.) Anyways. Literally my reaction when Haley asked what I thought about doing their engagement photos at my FAVORITE antique store in Memphis, Antique Warehouse Mall. Guys. I basically live here. 
And I really never realized how perfect and eclectic it would be for engagement photos, but it was just the right fit for Haley and Shane.

Don't even get me started on these two. They are the BEST. 
First of all, they were SO DANG SWEET with each other. The way they love and care about each other is so evident just by the way they are when they're together, and documenting that in their photos was effortless. 

They are also hilarious. They had each other (and me) laughing the entire time we were taking photos. After we left the Antique Mall, we headed to Broad Avenue to soak up the golden hour and all the colorful Memphis murals, as well as make a pit stop at City & State for some of the tastiest coffee in town.

Haley and Shane are having a June wedding at Amurica Studio, and guys, this ain't yo mama's venue. Amurica Studio is a completely unique and fun Memphis wedding venue, perfect for an off-beat wedding, and I can't WAIT to celebrate with these two this summer!!