A Relaxed and Fun Engagement Session at Wiseacre Brewing Co. | Amanda & Trevor


You know when you meet someone and they are instantly “your people”? Like, you just click? That’s how it was when we met Trevor and Amanda. We met them in Jackson, TN for coffee and ended up talking for HOURS. By the end of it, we decided there was no doubt; I was their wedding photographer and also that we were all BFFs now and that they were stuck with me.

Tremandous (Trevor and Amanda, DUH) drove down for the weekend, and I got to take them to some of my favorite spots in Memphis! Our first stop was Wiseacre Brewing Co. because how could we not? I loved the idea of us just sitting around and hanging out, drinking a few beers, and taking some photos of them hanging out and being totally themselves. It was the perfect recipe for a really relaxed, genuine (and slightly hilarious) engagement session. 
Then we headed over to Crosstown Concourse just long enough to get in a nice little slow dance and a few twirls. It's amazing what a few beers can do for your dance-skills. 
 We wrapped up the night with dinner at Hog & Hominy and for dessert, the famous, mind-blowing peanut butter pie. *drools*

I hope Memphis made a good impression on you guys, and I cannot W A I T until your summer wedding this June at Wildwood Wedding and Events Venue