Engagement at The Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis, TN | Shelby & Alex


For Alex and Shelby’s engagement pictures, we decided to start at Crosstown Concourse, mainly because it’s so dang cute there with all the industrial vibes and exposed brick, but also because this is a spot they frequent on date nights. Not gonna lie, I was totally snackin’ on some avocado toast from French Truck Coffee during the making of these photos.

We started in front of the “Today and Always” neon sign because it was just so fitting for the chapter of their lives that they are currently in.


As we continued to take photos, we talked about their travels together, swapped embarrassing stories, and shared what they most admire in each other and are most proud of each other for.
I LOVE engagement sessions because it not only gives me time to truly get to know my couples on a deeper level, but also to give them the opportunity and space to have these little talks with each other.


After Crosstown, we made our way downtown towards the Peabody. The Peabody Hotel’s lobby is soooo romantic (and they also got their suit jackets for their wedding day from Lansky’s) so I thought it was super fitting that we finish up their engagements there.
But first, a few photos overlooking the busy streets of Downtown Memphis.


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