Unplugged: A Guide to Keeping Cell Phones Out of Your Wedding Photos

We've all seen it at weddings:

They are patiently waiting at the end of the aisle for the love of their life to walk in, the room is quite, the music starts, everyone stands. You hear an inhale across the room as the doors open and without skipping a beat, hundreds of cell phones appear out of no where to block the their view of them as they enter the room. 

I've seen it a million times. And it always sucks to see such a magical moment between two people interupted by cell phones and ipads. 

People- Put the cell phones away
There's a really really really good chance your friend or family member that is getting married paid a lot of money for a professional photographer, they don't NEED your cell phone pictures! And more importantly, they don't need your cell phones getting in the way of their photographer documenting their day. 
I wrote this in hopes that it will help guest that attend weddings to understand why it's important to be respectful and present during weddings, and to help couple's find the perfect way to let their guest know they are having an unplugged wedding. 



-Be present.
They invited you to their wedding to be a part of their day and witness them as they come together to be married. 

-Put your cell phone (and ipads, and other cameras) AWAY.
I hate to break it to ya, but you aren't helping, you are making it harder for the photographer to work around you and avoid having lots of tacky ipads in all of the couple's photos. That's the cold hard truth. I know it's hard to hear, but don't shoot the messenger.

"Is there a time that it's okay to break out the phone/ipad/camera?"
Feel free to take as many of your own photos as you want during the reception!
That's the time to let loose and snapchat your friends cuttin' up on the dance floor. 

"How will I get any photos of the day if I can't take them!?"
SO glad you asked! If you want photos from your family or friends wedding ceremony, ask them to share their photos with you that their professional photographer took! I'm sure they would be more than happy to share those photos with you!
I deliver wedding photos to my couples through an online gallery that makes it super easy to share with their friends and family.



If you are getting married and would like an unplugged wedding, you can always tell your guests this: 

"Family and Friends, we ask that you please refrain from taking any photos/video during the ceremony and kindly ask that you turn all cell phones off during this time. We want you to be fully present, and value having you here to witness our day! We have hired a professional photographer so that you can enjoy our wedding without the distractions of cellphones and cameras."

"When do we inform our guests that we are having an unplugged wedding?"
 There are so many opportunities to let your guests know that you wish to have an unplugged wedding.

Here are a few I recommend:
-Include a little note on your invitations letting them know it's an unplugged ceremony
-Have a cute sign made to set out with decorations
-Have your officiant make an announcement as everyone is being seated
-When you are coming down the aisle, just snatch up every cell phone you see as you pass by
(jk but wouldn't that be hilarious?)



I say all this not because I have anything to lose or gain from cell phones and ipads taking photos, but because I value each and every couple I get to work with and I want them to have the BEST WEDDING EVER, and also the best wedding photos ever. I don't think anyone who whips out their camera or iphone to take photos has any intention of being disrespectful or in the way, in fact, I really think everyone is just SUPER excited to be there and be a part of the day.
But my biggest advice for anyone attending a wedding is to show your excitement and support by being an attentive, present, and cell phone free guest. 


How do YOU feel about unplugged weddings?
Let us know below in the comments!