A Whimsical Spring Wedding at Meadow Hill Farms | Hannah & Reuben

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Hannah decided instead of wearing a veil, she wanted a bridal cape. A CAPE. How cool?! I seriously could not be more obsessed! I mean, she walked out looking like the Mother of Dragons. (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about and haven’t seen Game of Thrones, SHAME. Go watch it.)

I love how much thought and intention she put into the details. Hannah also wore her Aunt Fawn's necklace that she was given after Fawn's passing, and she had her bridesmaids write their names on the bottom of her shoe (a tradition one of her bridesmaids recommended.) The anticipation was building as they all helped her get ready, but there was also a sense of calm in the room because she knew she was about to marry her bestfriend.

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Hannah gave Reuben a book with entries from each week of their engagement. Or if anything big happened in their lives or they had some growth in their relationship from a bonding moment or an argument. Sometimes she just wrote a love letter or a recap of her week and added moments she wished she could have shared with him while he was away at school in Memphis. Hannah asked Reuben to read a poem and a letter she wrote to Reuben for their wedding day.


“Getting ready for our first look, I mainly thought I hope he is really surprised about the cape! Reuben doesn't show much excitement like I do. Once I saw him, I kept thinking he is wearing our suit to OUR wedding. This is OUR wedding. It is finally here. What we have been talking about doing for years, is here. It was so surreal.”


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“When I saw Reuben at the other end of the aisle, time slowed down. I forgot about everyone around us, but our family of course. It was just Reuben and I, and our family. All my nervousness about messing up our vows went away. Our most loved ones were close to us and there was such a sense of love,
support and wholeness at the arbor.”

- Hannah


Cool fact about a part of Hannah and Reuben’s unity ceremony: Hannah and her dad made the unity display for the cord tying ceremony. It took probably 3 months to get it finished, but they did it together. How cool is that!? And It’s something they can hang in their home together and every time they see it, they are reminded not only of their promise to each other but also of the memory of hand crafting this with her dad.

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You are the reason I make it through the day,

You gimme the reason to let on my ways.

The beauty goes, the money spent,

And everything else fades away.

You are my constant.


“I felt like this is where, out of the 6 years we had been together, our adventure truly begins.”


Hannah & Reuben chose Meadow Hill Farms, a beautiful patch of land just outside of Nashville, TN as their wedding venue, and honestly I couldn’t dream of a more perfect place for their day.
Meadow Hill Farms has it all; indoor and outdoor ceremony options, a beautiful giant barn made of repurposed and reclaimed wood that creates a warm, rustic space. Inside the historic barn was long, romantic reception tables and chandeliers dangling from the high ceilings, and twinkle lights draped across the wooden beams.
Despite how spacious Meadow Hill Farms is, it all still felt so intimate and cozy.

Or maybe the closeness felt that day was just radiating from the loved ones gathered together for Hannah and Reuben. There’s no doubt that you could feel all the love and joy of their day from every single person in attendance.


One of the first things we bonded over with Hannah and Reuben was our mutual love (ok, let’s be honest….obsession) for Game of Thrones. So you can imagine the actual freakout we had when we showed up to their wedding and their wedding cake was straight out of Westeros!
Their perfect Game of Thrones themed wedding cake was made by Mouth of the South, looking exactly like a dragon egg (scales and all!)
Now when I think about wedding cake, dragon scales don’t normally what comes to mind, but this is by FAR my favorite wedding cake I have ever seen!

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“My big moment of feeling how much we were loved was when we were introduced into the reception. People were clapping, laughing, and having a good time, which was one of my wishes for our friends and family at our wedding. We are so blessed with so many amazing, brilliant, beautiful people in our lives and it has helped us become who we are today. We wouldn't be us without them.”

-Hannah & Reuben


“Our first dance was to Fire and the flood by Vance Joy. It is one song Hannah introduced me to, and it always reminds me of her. We were introduced into the reception to this song as Mr. and Mrs. Shoffner. I listened to it on my long drives to and from Memphis, and it reminded me of all the moments I spent with Hannah. It felt like she was right there with me.”


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“One of my favorite parts of the day was probably when the sun went down, we all went off to take more photos and we made the atmosphere feel so positive and joyous with all of our excitement to spend more time together and take photos.

We loved having Cassie and Mike take our photos.
Though we don't see them often, we picked up right where we left off with them.

From theorizing how Game of Thrones will end, to good food in Memphis, making jokes and being engrossed with ideas for photos around the beautiful property at Meadow Hill Farms, We could literally feel their magic in the air!”



“While standing at the arbor, I realized that this was 2 families' memories joining into one big memory. Culminating with Hannah and I's marriage.

I realized how truly blessed Hannah and I were to have so many people who cared for us in one place. It was the most amazing and bittersweet night, that I wish we could have had a few more hours or days to celebrate.”




Wedding Venue: Meadow Hill Farm
Planner & Florist: Natasha Larson (Memory of Elegance)
Cake & Desserts: Mouth of the South
DJ: 3rd Coast Entertainment
Hair: Krystal Dickerson
Make-Up: Amy McElroy
Catering: Coffee Break
Bridal Gown: The White Room
Bridesmaids Dresses: The White Room
Shoes: JcPenney
Jewelry: Heritage Jewelers

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