A Rainy and Romantic Wedding in Cullman, AL | Laura & Terry

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I’ve always heard it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. I wasn’t sure if it was just something people say or if it’s true, but after Terry & Laura’s wedding in Cullman, Alabama, I can officially confirm that it’s the truth. These two are the luckiest. I witnessed so much happiness, love, and warmth between the two of them and all their family and friends that were a part of their day. And I feel extra lucky for getting to be a part of it all.

Laura and Terry's beautiful and romantic wedding was at St. Bernard Abbey, where Laura had attended school when she was younger. I thought it was incredibly special that they chose to get married here; somewhere that already held so many memories for Laura would now be even more meaningful. She walked the hallways everyday when she was a child, and here she was now, walking through the same hallways in her wedding dress.

This jaw-dropping wedding dress is from my absolute favorite bridal store, BHLDN. 


Laura’s sister/maid of honor made the sweetest speech at their reception.
She explained that before Laura was born, she wanted a baby sister SO BAD, so when she finally got one she carried her around everywhere and took care of her like a little baby doll. And she said even as they grew up, she continued to take care of her and look out for her. As a big sister myself, this resonated with me so much and hit really close to home for me. The bond between sisters is something so sacred and unbreakable.
So after she finished her speech and I was able to finally pull myself together and stop crying like a big ole baby, I remembered a moment from earlier in the day that perfectly explains the love between these sisters.

Before the ceremony and the photos, the dancing and the toasts, while the girls were all getting ready, a button fell off of Laura’s dress. What could have been a disastrous event, was quickly solved and sewn back into place by the hands of her sister. As an older sister, I can’t imagine the feeling of lovingly sewing my baby sister’s button back on her wedding dress. 
What could have been a stressful setback was instantly turned into a heartfelt memory between sisters.

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So Laura's bridesmaids originally had tattoos made for her bachelorette party, but they didn't come in in time! And how could you let these go to waste? I laughed until I CRIED when I saw everyone with tattoos of Terry's face, and I think it was the perfect random twist to a garter. Terry's face (his actual face, on his face. Not his face on Laura's leg) was priceless, and slightly confused, when the girls showed off their new ink.

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The first look. 
I loved their first look, because it was such a quiet and intimate moment for them to be with one another, in the beautiful grotto surrounded by so many gorgeous flowers. It gave them a few sweet moments before the ceremony and the million other things going on during the day to just be together (when you're sharing an umbrella, you have to get really together) and read the letters they had written to each other. 

I know rain probably isn't anyone's first choice for weather conditions on their wedding day, but I can't imagine their wedding any other way <3 I loved the rain, and how thoughtful (and brilliant) Terry was for having cute clear umbrellas just incase. 


Their reception was held on the property at the Abbey Byre, which was originally build in 1920 as a hay barn for the Abbey's dairy cows. In 2012 it was converted into a beautiful event space; every inch of it draped with florals and romantic string lights, while still maintaining the rustic, original feeling of the barn. 

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