A Saturday Morning at Home with the Chewing Family

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“Our weekend morning routine in this season of life is so much fun. We wake up early, but slowly, and take our time getting out of bed. We started co-sleeping a few months ago when it felt impossible to get Roland, our three year old son, to go to sleep and it just became our new habit because it made bedtime so much easier. The added benefit is it makes the mornings so much sweeter, too. One of Roland's favorite things to do is "read" to us- he loves to hold the books up and show them around like his teachers do at preschool.
He also demands that all three of us read a different book out loud and simultaneously. It's pretty chaotic and hilarious but he loves it.” Allison


“Once we actually get up the first order of business is coffee. If dishes need to be unloaded we do that next, while the other one gets started on breakfast. Most days it's something pretty simple- like toast, but we make it three different ways to satisfy everyone's preferences. There will ultimately be an "emergency" potty break where we cross our fingers to make it in time. Every morning I get to spend with these boys makes me so thankful for them and I try my best to cherish every single second. Time goes by way too fast and as our family grows, our mornings will change, too. I'm so grateful to Cassie for capturing our family in our home, just as we are so I can remember these moments forever.”


(Roland’s toast face is my absolute favorite)

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