A Springtime Engagement Session at a Greehouse in Memphis, TN | Lexy and Branson

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Is this not the cutest cat butt you ever did see? But really, Griffin the greenhouse kitty crashed a few of Lexy and Branson’s engagement photos and I can’t even be mad because he is the CUTEST.
We would be taking photos and I would just see his little curled tail bopping down the rows of blooming azaleas, making his way towards us to claim his pets.
Honestly, living in a greenhouse sounds pretty cool. Griffin’s got it made.

We’d been looking forward to their engagement session for months (partly, I believe, because we were all SO ready for spring time and for everything to start blooming) but also because Branson had been deployed and he was finally coming home! Even though I met Branson for the first time at their engagement session, it felt like I already knew him just by hearing Lexy talk about him and their relationship. She had the biggest, most radiant smile on her face the entire time and it’s undeniable how happy these two are together. I can’t wait for their wedding this June!

“Branson was deployed for 9 months, beginning in June 2018, with the Mississippi National Guard. What most people don’t realize is that a 9 month deployment isn’t just the 9 months they spent overseas. They started actively training as of February 2018 and there was a lot of “here and there” that was really difficult for me. He returned to surprise me February 20th 2019. He is my best friend in the whole world and even after being gone for a year, we picked up right where we left off and nothing was awkward uncomfortable! Finally having him home is like I was finally able to let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Sometimes I still can’t believe that he is real sitting next to me!” -Lexy

“I believe that the biggest way that Branson and I’s relationship has grown over the years is through communication. We both believe that it is the most important part of every kind of relationship. We have been dating since November 2014, so we have been through an incredible amount of experiences together that could have pulled us apart, but I believe that always keeping an open communication with each other is what held us together. Being comfortable enough to express all of your feelings with your partner and them being able to validate them (even though it might not be how they see it) takes a while,
especially when start out as insecure high school kids.

I believe that when you finally sit down and realize that sometimes being happy is more important than being right then you reach another perspective of your relationship! We can definitely thank our parents for their help in that aspect!” -Lexy

“I LOVE growing plants and all types of greenery. The theme of our wedding is like a “garden,” so there will be succulents, flowers, moss, vines, and different types of plants everywhere! I wanted to do our engagement pictures in a greenhouse because I love the simplicity of the beauty from nature combined with the fact that I love earth tones!” -Lexy