A Memphis Wedding at the Metal Museum | Katie and Jonathan


Years ago, my mom bought me a silver "Memphis" necklace that I have worn almost every day every since. On my wedding day, she and I really wanted me to wear her pearls but after trying them on, it just didn't go. Instead of being upset, my mom pulled out a gold version of my Memphis necklace that she had purchased for this exact time and occasion. When I put it on she said "that's the one."

"Looking back at that moment it is funny because I know there were people around, but as soon as I turned around and saw Katie, everything and everyone disappeared. She looked so unbelievably beautiful I was speechless.”


As soon as Jonathan turned around, all I could think was how this moment was every bit as perfect and magical as I had always dreamed it would be. Everything else left my mind completely and I was so immediately ready to marry this man.


Sharing our vows before the ceremony was incredibly special. It was such a quiet, intimate moment in an otherwise very busy day. There aren't many quiet moments during the day so I really enjoyed each time I actually got to spend with Katie one-on-one. The couple of private moments Katie and I had with each other before the ceremony were our favorites. I do not think it took anything away from the ceremony. In fact, I think it helped us relax and actually be in the moment at the ceremony as opposed to the emotional rush you get when seeing each other for the first time.


“We wrote our own vows but chose to share them only with each other during our first look before the ceremony. Sharing those words with each other meant so much to me and I think I will cherish those moments most. Afterwards, we felt like we were already married, everything else was so easy!

Those moments we got to spend together alone are some of the most precious from our wedding. Seeing my fiance before the wedding and then seeing him at the end of the aisle were two very different experiences, I don't think they detract from one another at all.”



“Jonathan and I moved to Texas from Memphis about a year ago. When we came home to look for wedding venues in Memphis, we knew we wanted something in downtown or midtown but were having trouble finding the right fit. We more or less settled on a venue but attended a Sunday afternoon event at the Metal Museum and knew it was it. We both lived together and worked together downtown and being there beside the river, outside, where we were so comfortable, in our home, made our day all the more special.”

“I walked down the aisle to Cant Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. It played a really meaningful role early in Jonathan and I's relationship and was always something we talked about as being played at our wedding, it was great to have that dream come true.”


No amount of blogs, tips, books, or chats can prepare you for how incredibly fast the day and night goes by. We thought we were prepared (pretty much everyone told this to us) and we still couldn't believe how true it was. Take the time, take a breath, make the memory, its YOUR night, and it's over fast. Enjoy every single second of it, don't stress and HAVE FUN!!

“Jonathan and I are so incredibly lucky to have found each other and fallen in love. We are even more lucky that we have the best friends and family and that ALL those people contributed in making our wedding perfect. It literally took a village to put everything together and every piece came out exactly like we had hoped and envisioned. We feel like our wedding was a perfect reflection of who we are as a couple and above all, it was the best sendoff to the rest of our lives together. I highly recommend falling in love with the man of your dreams.”


Wedding Venue: The Ornamental Metal Museum
Photographer: Michael Cardwell with The Warmth Around You
Day-of Coordinator: Anna Katherine Colomb with TCB Moments
Wedding Dress: BLHDN
Shoes: Sole Society
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Florist: Taylor Maharrey
Cakes & Desserts: Bedrock Eats and Sweets
Catering: Another Roadside Attraction
Memphis’ Necklace: 20twelve on Broad
Ceremony Music: Simply Strings
DJ: Jordan Rogers with Tiger City DJs
Hair: Heather Copeland