An Emotional Backyard Wedding in Hernando, MS | Lexy & Branson


“A week before the wedding, my mom made me a hanky out of the alterations scraps from my wedding dress. She attached 2 charms and some blue ribbon as my “something blue.” It was super special and it is definitely something that I will pass down to my future daughter and grandchildren!”



“I woke up that morning to a bright ray of sunshine coming through the window. I looked around to see empty popcorn bags, all of my best friends, and remnants my last sleepover as a single woman. After eating breakfast and heading over to the venue, we began getting ready at 12pm. I loved getting to spend all day at the venue and not having to worry about running around to different places to get my hair and make-up done! Because I am someone that does not work well under a time-constraint, it helped so much so plan out the day beforehand with plenty of extra time for make-up, hair, and spending time with my girls.”



“After spending hours getting ready, popping plenty of bottles of champagne, and a few dance parties to every song by Lizzo, my mom came in the bathroom to help me put on my dress and shoes. She let me wear her beautiful, delicate necklace from my great-grandma and looked perfect with my dress. It was so special to have her there and to hear her encouraging words during such a nerve-racking time. My step-mom, Julie, was then able to come help me put on some of the beautiful pearl jewelry she let me borrow. It was very important to me to include two of the most influential women in my life in helping me get ready for the best day of my life. After about 5 minutes of trying to get a tricky earring in my ear, I finally walked out to see my best friends. It was so memorable seeing all of their reactions!”



“Afterward, I went to have a first look with my dad. As I was walking up to him, I was reflecting on every special moment we have spent together and everything that has grown our relationship so much in the past year. Seeing his face and hugging him made my heart so happy!”



“Walking to pray and exchange private vows with Branson was nerve-racking. After hearing his voice, all I wanted to do was open the door and hug him! It was so emotional reading each other’s letters and hearing him pray for our day and our marriage. It got me so excited to walk down the aisle to see him!”


After a million photos and plenty of nerves, the ceremony began! It was by far the most meaningful and beautiful moment of my life.


“Seeing Branson at the end of the aisle in his dress blues took my breath away. I loved seeing the tears in everyone’s eyes (especially Hope, the flower girl). It made me realize how many people support our relationship so entirely. Looking into Branson’s eyes during our vows and feeling the overwhelming, emotions behind our words was a powerful experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Even after forgetting my bouquet in my room, I would not have changed a single thing about this ceremony or the day as a whole. We loved seeing so much family and dancing the night away with our friends! We are so thankful that everyone came out to celebrate us! I cannot thank Cassie, her partner, and everyone that was there enough for making this day so amazing!”


“I had a million things flying through my head the moment I walked outside and met with my dad. I could finally see the big white double doors, the only thing separating me from seeing my best friend.

As I began approaching the doors, all I could think about was if I had lipstick in my teeth, if I was going to trip, and the fear of being watched by 150+ people. I felt a sudden panic as Katlyn was adjusting my train; I looked at my dad and said “Oh my gosh, I forgot my bouquet.” It was too late to turn around. The music was already playing, the people were already there, and the doors began to open. Before my dad could say anything, I grabbed his arm with both of my hands, the doors opened, and lifted my eyes to catch Branson’s stare.

In that very moment, everything melted away. All the stares, anxiety, and the thoughts of a forgotten bouquet disappeared. It was as if it were just Branson and I. His teary-eyed look made me forget any possible insecurity I could have felt. Though everyone had been telling me I looked beautiful all day, it was the unspoken look in Branson’s eyes that made me feel like a princess walking down the aisle to him.”


“The ceremony was by far my favorite moment of the day! Everything about it was romantic, intimate, and sentimental. The lighting in our ceremony area was absolutely stunning and made Branson’s eyes look like melting pots of beautiful greens and browns. By adding the Unity across ceremony and the reading of “The Hands of the Bride and Groom,” it made our moment together unique and very fitting for us! I loved seeing how emotional everyone was afterward!”


“Our first dance songs was “Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran. This song is very special to Branson and I because it’s music video was released around the time that Branson and I met in late 2014. I can remember Branson and I being 16 years, laying on the floor of my room watching it over and over and over again, swearing up and down that we were going to take ballroom classes and learn how to dance like the couple in the music video. While we were dancing to this song on our wedding day, it made me reflect back to those innocent moments together. Along with the great memory behind the song, the lyrics are very meaningful to our relationship and mirror our love and outlook on our marriage.”


We chose to have our wedding at Branson’s family’s house out in Hernando. It was very special to us because this land has been in Branson’s family for many years! It is so naturally beautiful, and as I looked around on the day of the wedding, it really made me appreciate all of the hard work that Branson’s dad and family have put into the land to make it perfect for the wedding! It’s secluded atmosphere made it perfect for a romantic, garden wedding!



Wedding Venue: Monroe Hill Farm
Wedding Coordinator: The Bride of Boaz
Wedding Dress: Bliss Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Florist: Lisa Cox
Wedding Cake & Desserts: Southern Belle Sweets LLC
DJ: DJ George Parker
Catering: We Got This Catering
Invitations: Shutterfly & Minted

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