So… You’re dog people. And you’re getting married. Here’s how to incorporate your dogs into your wedding


If you are reading this- congrats. You are amongst your PEOPLE. Dog people, to be exact. And if you’re here you know just as much as I do that these furry little goobers are a major part of your lives and family and having your wedding without them there almost feels like an important part of the family didn’t get to make it!

So I created this list of ways that you can incorporate your dogs into your wedding day. Whether they are actually there with you at your wedding or if you have to get a little creative, it’s not a party without ‘em!


walk down the asile with them!

Now, this isn’t for the faint of heart (or for anyone who’s dogs are as half as bad as mine are) but if your dog is a well-behaved angel baby like Ava was at Madison & Carter’s wedding, have them stand up there with you during your ceremony!



This was one of my FAVORITE things about Mary & John’s wedding and if this isn’t the next big wedding trend then well…. there’s gonna be one disappointed dog mom and a lot of disappointed pups out there.
Mary and her family owns Barks n’ Rec, a Memphis doggy daycare so of COURSE they had to have the cutest wedding favors ever. Doggy bags for all their guests to take home to their fur babies!


Or…dog treats for your wedding guests!

“Our dogs do not handle crowds very well, but we knew we had to include them somehow. They’ve been our family for going on five years. We went through a lot of ideas but landed on a cake topper decoration and cookie favors in the shape and color of them. Of course, it wasn’t as special as them being there, but it was special enough for us.” -Jenn


have them drop by for photos

Receptions aren’t the most dog-friendly places (lots of alcohol, high heels, and loud music, so if you are wanting your pup there on your wedding day, have a friend or family member swing them by for photos and a few sloppy kisses before you walk down the aisle!


engagement photos

My personal favorite way for dog people to include their pups in their wedding is to let them tag along for engagement photos! This is normally eliminates ALOT of stress (for you and the doggies!) from trying to manage them during a wedding, and allows it all to be a little more casual.

Whether you bring the pups to a more remote location for your engagement pictures or we do an adorable in-home engagement session, having photos with your babies is something no dog mom/dad will ever regret!

memphis-wedding-photographer-thewarmtharoundyou-midtown-recroom-engagement-pictures (16 of 123).jpg

let them cut the (doggy) cake!

Lemme tell ya…. Mrs. Ray is EXTRA when it comes to her fur babies and I am all about it. Not only did Mica show up in a full doggy suit, and Mipsy in a tutu… these lucky dogs got their OWN WEDDING CAKE from Three Dog Bakery. Not even gonna act like this wasn’t the highlight of my life (and probably theirs if we’re being honest here.)



Put them on top of your wedding cake!

If you don’t want to give them their own wedding cake, another reaaaally cute idea is to have a custom wedding cake topper made! Melanie and Nathan had the COOLEST wedding cake topper (complete with a wand for Melanie and a lightsaber for Nathan) and in between them is their sweet pupper Daisy! I also LOVE this idea because it’s something you can take home and keep after your wedding day as a tiny memento.


Elope at Shelby Farms Dog Park

If you think bringing your dog to your wedding is extra, and you think giving them their own cake is really extra, then you’re going to think Charlene and Zack are THE MOST EXTRA. They decided they wanted to be married, but wanted where they made this commitment to be somewhere that meant a lot to them. Somewhere they spend a lot of time and can go back to whenever they want to relive there day, or just have a relaxing afternoon exploring. They decided that place for them was Shelby Farms Dog Park. 

"We wanted a simple, no fuss ceremony with just the two of us and our coonhound/beagle/lab mix, Jackson, as Best Dog. We went to a place that is special to us - Shelby Farms Dog Park - and had the privilege to get married on our own terms... even if Jackson did steal the show with his bow tie! The day couldn't have been more perfect.”


However you decide to incorporate your dogs, getting to share this day with your fur babies is something we FULLY support (let’s be real, I just wanna pet your dogs at your wedding.)