An Unforgettable Wedding at Phantom Canyon Brewery in Colorado Springs, CO | Lizzie & Charles


I had a broach of an angel that I pinned on the inside of my dress from my late grandmother (Etta Marie McLean), and I wore a ring on my right ring finger from my late grandmother (Faye Reid). I also wore a pearl bracelet gifted to me by our only living grandmother Mama Betty (Betty Guy).

The ring and broach were my something olds. The bracelet was my something borrowed. My something new was a pair of Kendra Scott earrings from my mother, and my toes we're blue for something blue.


“Our pregames were complete opposites. The dudes goofed off and got Chipotle. I woke up next to Rachel. I guess I can't complain waking up next to a hot blonde. Then the girls did make up, lint rolled the dog hair off the wedding dress for two hours, and ate Jimmy John's.”



We loved our first look at Garden of the Gods because it gave us alone time which we found was very rare during the day. We were both excited and nervous leading up to it, then relieved after we saw each other. It took off the edge and the nerves of seeing each other at the ceremony.


“We wanted something unique to Charles and I. We are not super duper traditional. We like beer and we love Colorado. We chose to narrow our wedding venues down to a brewery to add some C & L flair to the wedding. Phantom Canyon was a no brainer after meeting Tricia Long the venue coordinator. We did tour some other gorgeous princess mountain palaces but it did not fit our vibe and we valued the fact that Tricia treated us like old time friends. She remembered our date options, our NAMES lol, and was super responsive when coordinating this from our home in Memphis.

Fight for what YOU want for your wedding. Everyone is going to give you their opinions... Don't listen to them. Make it unique to you and your significant other. We grew closer in the process of fighting to have a destination wedding. A lot of people disagreed with the path we took but after the wedding we agreed we would make every single decision we did again if we had to do it all over.”

-Lizzie & Charles


After Lizzie and Charles first look at Garden of the Gods, we headed back to Phantom Canyon Brewery to get ready for the ceremony. (and by get ready for the ceremony, I totally mean stop by the downstairs bar for a quick shot…of the bride and groom taking a shot.)


Then we headed upstairs to probably the most gorgeous bathroom ever, squeezed in there with the wedding party so that the rings could be blessed before their ceremony.


One of my favorite parts of Lizzie and Charles wedding day was their unity ceremony. I’ve seen people do unity candles before, but not quite like this.

Each of their guest were given an unlit candle as they entered the ceremony. After Lizzie and Charles read their vows to one another, their wedding party began lighting their candles. They, in turn, pass the flame to another guest, who in turn passes it to the next person. When everyone's candle has been lit, the last person passes the flame back to Lizzie and Charles, who use it to light a central candle. I thought it was such a beautiful visual of what was actually taking place at this wedding; instead of just uniting the bride and groom, it unites the whole room, symbolizing their two families becoming one.


When you take a week off work to get married, fly all the way to Colorado Springs and one of your friends requests for the DJ to play YMCA song……………………..


I asked Lizzie and Charles to give me three words that describe their wedding. Their answer was:
Lit in Altitude.

Honestly, these three words were so accurate I’ma leave it at that.



Wedding Venue: Phantom Canyon Brewing
Wedding Planner: Melody Tartera with Tartera Sign and Design
Cake & Desserts: Phantom Canyon Brewing
Catering: Phantom Canyon Brewing
DJ: Jammin DJ's
Hair/Make-Up: Joy Rodgers
Wedding Dress: Low's Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu's/David's Bridal
Brides’ Shoes: Amazon
Save the Dates: Minted