Our Trip to San Diego, California | 2019

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At the beginning of Spring, right before we geared up for our wedding season, we took off to San Diego for a short 3 day trip to clear our minds, cultivate our creativity and come up with a game plan for the upcoming year. We planned this trip to San Diego because Michael was attending Traffic and Conversions, a marketing convention. While I spent the week reading, writing, and…. not gonna lie, a lot of hangin’ in the hot tub, he spent most of his time in a conference room taking notes and expanding himself and our business.

When I wasn’t soakin’ up the sun and feeling 10 different kinds of relaxed in our hotel’s rooftop hot tub (which is probably the MOST boujee sounding thing I have ever said) I was at Lofty Coffee Co, the perfect place to grab a pastry, some coffee, and sit and catch up and writing some blogs and designing our new website for Far-Out Photobooths.

I assume it’s pretty common in San Diego for all of the restaurants and coffee shops to have their doors open letting in the breeze and beautiful weather, but I’m from Memphis and it is WAY to hot for that here, so it was so nice to sit and enjoy the weather while I worked.

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One place I HAVE to mention, if you are looking for some tasty food and the best strawberry lemonade of your LIFE (as well as a cute atmosphere) you need to check out Queenstown Public House. We went here for lunch twice during our trip because it was just that good.
(and right across the street from Lofty Coffee Co.)

If you’re looking for stunning views, just right outside of San Diego, you should make your way out to way out to Sunset Cliffs.

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