A Cuddly Session in Portland, Oregon…of Us!


We’ve wanted to take a trip out to Oregon for quite some time now, but with weddings on most weekends we have to be strategic on when we plan for trips!
When we saw that we had a little downtime in August, we knew we wanted to jump on the chance to take a vacation before fall wedding season.

We picked Oregon because several of our friends visited Portland recently and absolutely loved it. We started our trip there, and for the second half of the week we made our way out to the Oregon Coast, near Cannon Beach.

While in Portland though, we had the pleasure of staying at the absolute coziest Airbnb ever. You guys. It was like my heart and soul had exploded in this place. Colorful, textile pillows, wood accents, concrete countertops, a giant tub (that was totally calling my name from the minute I walked in there). And it was almost all built and crafted by hand by the owners. The Sneakaway was in a perfect neighborhood in Portland, so close to Alberta Street (If you’re looking for loads of restaurants and vintage/thrift shops this is the place to be.)


When in Portland, you HAVE to donut.
And you basically have to everyday, because there are so many different ones to try! We ended up only making it to two, Blue Star Donut and Voodoo Doughnut.

My FAVORITE are blueberry donuts, and I have to say Blue Star Donuts had a really unique and tasty blueberry.


(I just wanna take a moment to recognize how freakin’ cute my husband is ok)

The sun poured into this space as we took photos and thumbed through their record collection until we spotted one we just couldn’t pass up…

The Back to the Future soundtrack.
Now, if you don’t already know this about Michael, his #1 favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Back to the Future. He can recite it perfectly upon request, word for word.

Which he did.

If you want to see more from our Oregon trip, click here to see our film photos from the Oregon Coast, or click here to see our Instagram story highlights from this trip!

Looking to take your own trip to Portland and interested in staying at the Sneakaway? You won’t regret it! Check it out!

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