An Eclectic and Intimate Backyard Wedding in East Memphis | Allison and Wesley

“We were having a small intimate wedding in our backyard, so we stayed the night Friday at our house with our dogs and woke up Saturday and cooked our normal Saturday morning breakfast together and coffee that we always make. For us that morning was a normal morning and we wanted to enjoy each others company before all the commotion started and before Wesley went to his parents house to get ready. “

“Once Wesley left for his parents house around noon It all became such a blur. Getting ready and hanging out with family and friends went so fast for the both of us. We were just so excited to see each other for the first time and get married (again). We were technically already married in August at the court house so we could make it legal, but the wedding was the real thing. Everyone kept saying it won't matter because you're already married, but to us we knew it was so much more special than that. “

“I let Wesley pick out his tux for our wedding, so it was a surprise for the both of us when we both saw each other for the first time. We felt that was so special to have something like that to look forward to with our first look. We were both just so excited to see each other! So we faced opposite of each other and turned around at the same time to a surprise. We both will never forget that moment.”

“Our Wedding Venue was our backyard. From the moment we got engaged we knew we wanted our dogs to be in our wedding. So for us It only made sense to have it at the one place our animals felt comfortable in. Plus we worked our asses off working on our backyard for this wedding.

Our backyard went from a plain landscape to a yard full of trees, bushes, flowers, flowerbeds, new grass, new fences, lights, and a brand new patio, We worked all summer long to make our backyard as beautiful as we could so our friends and family could enjoy it and it turned our better than we ever imagined. Now we get to live with all our hard work for the years to come and appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears we as a couple poured into it.”

“We both started crying when the song Boom Clap by Lennon & Maisy came on, which was the song Allison walked down the aisle to. Then also cried when we said our vows.

Even with technically being married already and having a first look, it was like we were seeing each other for the first time again during the ceremony. Allison does not typically cry and she cried through her vows and so did Wesley. I think if you have so much love for someone, you're going to feel the love during a ceremony even with a first look and sorta already being married.

It meant the world to us to have our friends, family, and dogs to be there.”


“Our favorite moment was by far having our dogs in the wedding. We have four dogs all together, but only let three be a part of the ceremony because the other one is a little too crazy for people. So we had both the pugs and our pitbull in the wedding. They walked down the aisle, were dressed up, and roamed around the wedding until the end of the night. Seeing the joy they brought to everyone at the wedding made our hearts so happy. They are our lives and to share that with everyone else meant so much to us.”

“Our first song was by FAR the most special song at the wedding. We danced to, Fooled Around and Fell in Love, which is on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack Vol 1. We also requested that this whole album be played throughout our wedding because its our all time favorite soundtrack.

We have it on vinyl and listen to it everyday when we get off work. It will always be considered our wedding soundtrack. If you haven't listened to it yet, do it now!! We are also such Marvel nerds and it wouldn't be a wedding without some Marvel universe involved.”



Planner & Florist: Anna Katherine with TCB
Photographer: The Warmth Around You
Wedding Dress: Barefoot Bride
Groom’s Tux: Black Tux
Officiant: Ross Turner
Desserts: Bedrock Eats
DJ: DJ2-3
Hair: Holly Smith
Make-Up: Amanda Bishop