A Rooftop Wedding in Memphis at Old Dominick Distillery | Mr. & Mrs. Cross


"My day was very laid back and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured in any way. I got to my friend's condo downtown in the South Main area, and he made me feel right at home. It was just me and my mom hanging out until Caley and Chastity from Daniel Shay got there to start my hair and make up. Shortly after, I got dressed and ready to head out for our first look!"


Carol had the most GORGEOUS black wedding dress for her ceremony, and like all A Class celebrities do, she had not one, but TWO wardrobe changes. One into a different black skirt for her ceremony, and for her reception she rocked a sleek black pantsuit. It was so out of the box and untraditional and totally her

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So, I couldn't NOT share this.
We were just sitting there, I was minding my own business, and Mark hits me with THIS.
(Ok, not literally obviously, but... you know.)
PRE-FOLDED POCKET SQUARES Y'ALL. This is some next level stuff right here. I can't tell you how often I see grooms and groomsmen struggling to get these things folded perfectly.

Think your mind was blown by that?
Get this: they are on Amazon! Here's the link! You're welcome.

Carol had a beautiful cascading bouquet, with blooms of red and deep purples, and greenery overflowing from the sides. 

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Old Dominick Distillery sits right in the heart of downtown Memphis. (and if you haven't read about the incredible history of Old Dominick's, you totally should. The Canale family has been in business in Memphis since 1843!) It is the perfect wedding venue, especially for a couple looking for a more unconventional, unique wedding day!

Walking into the distillery feels almost like walking into an art gallery;  parts of the building brand new, while still managing to retain the old characteristics and beauty of it's history. It's modern meets industrial, with a touch of elegance and class. When you walk though the giant double doors, immediately in front of you is a giant wrap around bar, placed directly in front of the glass wall separating the bar area from the actual distillery area. Something that most places might put a big wall up and attempt to hide, Old Dominicks embraces the copper accents and lets it add to the character of the building. I think I could sit and look at just that part of it forever. 

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There are two ways to the second floor; the elevator or the staircase. Now, I'm not gonna lie, normally I'm an elevator kinda gal, but even the staircase at old Dominicks is epic and adds to the atmosphere.

On the second floor, you walk into another area with a bar, complete with luxury leather sofas creating the perfect reception space. Nothing but windows separate this space from the rooftop. Windows that actually open all the way up and connect the two when they are open. This was probably one of my favorite things because it allowed all of Carol and Mark's guests to flow freely through the venue to the rooftop without squeezing through doorways.  

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Obviously, the rooftop is where the main event is taking place. It had rained earlier in the day, only for about 30 minutes. But if you know ANYTHING about Memphis, you know that a little rain always gives way to the best sunsets you've ever witnessed in your life. This was no exception, and Old Dominicks gave everyone at the wedding the perfect spot to watch sun set over the Mississippi River and that beautiful Memphis skyline, while dancing their hearts out and celebrating Carol and Mark. 

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The entire rooftop of Old Dominicks was lined in beautiful floral floral arrangements. And in the middle of the rooftop, sat a giant iron replica of the Memphis Bridge. It was an incredible statement piece created by John Mark Enterprises, who also created all of the amazing floral pieces and is also responsible for the string lights and lanterns stretching across the entire rooftop. The coolest part was that from the rooftop of Old Dominicks, you can see the real Memphis Bridge in the distance. 


"I was whisked off to the ceremony and pulled up and Ashley from 117 Events came and got me. I waited downstairs and went up the elevator. The doors opened and I heard my husbands music playing for him to walk down with the pastor and I got a little nervous. 
Once I started walking, I just took charge and we smiled constantly through our whole ceremony."

"Seeing everyone standing around with their cameras in the air and screaming for us was amazing. Just knowing that everyone there was beaming with joy and crying tears of happiness during the ceremony was so special. I was so comfortable and loved it. I wish we could do it again!"

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"We came out of the elevator and was introduced into our reception to “whomp there it is” and went to the dance floor and started dancing with everyone. 
After a few minutes, we then slowed down for our first dance.

After we finished our first dance, his parents had a special dance together on the dancefloor because it was their 50th wedding anniversary the day prior. We loved being able to find a little part of the day to dedicate to them and their marriage."

When the bride is the University of Memphis Spirit Director, Memphis Pom head coach, AND the Colliverville High School and Middle School dance team head coach... You better BELIEVE the guest show up (and show out) on the rooftop dance floor! 

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"At the end of the night, we rounded everyone up and headed downstairs for the grand exit.
Everyone was singing the University of Memphis fight song and waving their blue and white shaker poms! I loved it all and wished we could gather everyone back up and go back and keep the party going!"


Wedding Venue: Old Dominick Distillery
Wedding Planner: Ashley Oldham with 117 Events
Florist: John Mark Enterprises
Hair: Hair by Caley Cargile from Daniel Shays
Makeup: Chastity Sparkman from Daniel Shays
Catering: CFY catering
Ring: Diamond Brokers of Memphis
DJ: Tim Bachus with Bachus Enterprises
Graphics: The Big Picture 901                                                                                 Coozies: Bartlett Sports