An Industrial Engagement at Sloss in Birmingham, AL | Jenn and Channing

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We found ourselves Birmingham bound a few weeks ago for Jennifer and Channing’s engagement session, and we were all SO excited to finally get to check out Sloss

Sloss is in an oddly beautiful, industrial little corner of Birmingham. They regularly hold concerts and music festivals there, and is said to be haunted.
It wasn’t the reason we chose it, but hey, perks am I right? I’m always down for a good ghost hunt, and though it doesn’t sound like most people’s first idea for engagement photos, Channing and Jennifer were more than on board.

Walking in it feels like you’re walking into a rusty red grave yard; a place that was once very much alive has since ceased it’s purpose and claimed a new one. But today, it’s purpose was serving as the perfect spot for us all to meet up, slightly tipsy off of champagne, and take some fun photos. 

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After we spent some time exploring every inch of Sloss before they closed, we headed back to Jenn and Channing’s home that they share with their two SWEET PUPPERS (China and Becca) just outside of Birmingham.

We spent the first few minutes just loving on the dogs and letting them warm up to us, and then leisurely continued their engagement pictures.

My favorite part of in-home sessions is the relaxed and comfortable photos that come from it. I think there’s nothing more lovely than having photos that truly represent you, in your every day space, and capture the current phase of life that you’re in. 

Before we knew it, we were all sitting around in the kitchen laughing and eating dinner together. It felt like we had all known each other for years, even though we had only met for the first time just a few hours ago. I can't WAIT for their wedding next summer, but honestly I'm looking for every excuse to sneak back to Birmingham for another weekend of ghost hunts and puppy snuggles. 

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